Sunday, June 9, 2013

I got picture happy

Today we had a 40 minute storm. Literally. It grew, blew, and died, right here, over my house. All in 40 minutes.

There was sunshine. And then there was rain and thunder. Then there was sunshine.

But it created something that rarely happens and something I absolutely adore.

The brilliant effect.

That, at least, is what I have taken to calling it.

The whole world filled with vivid fairytale colors.

Most people don't even recognize it. But my eye is trained to notice beauty. I just do. Everywhere.

The only problem is, the camera cannot capture it. At least, not my armature iphone....

Still, I am rather crazy silly happy with these pictures, because they are happy!!!


sparkling sunshine, drops of water from the storm, tall wispy grass....
my horse was posing after the storm

see (=
beautiful rainbow done no credit by my measly iphone
yes, it's a weed. a thistle at that. what of it? it's purple. and pretty
the pic I promised from my time with Noni! this is me and Asa... I sadly did not get one with Noni... hopefully next time. :D pardon the half-smile
yep. pretty glorious
I am in love with life right now. Had a great talk with my Daddy today, along with God. Just been some good time. I like that.
Sometimes, life is just....perfect.

At least, God is.
Friend of mine {Joanna} posted this to fb and I just COULDN'T resist. It is soooo funny.
And a little disturbing...
And now, it is good night, my lovelies!


  1. Nice picture of the thistle. Hey! Weeds deserve to be photographed too, right? They're totally stereotyped as being bad (which they might be, but hey). I mean, GIVE THE THISTLE A CHANCE. It has feelings too.

    N'awwww! Cute baby. You put him to sleep?! Well done! I mean, if we do that to anyone older then 2 we're called boring. If they're younger then 2, we're called amazing.

    1. That's right. And if the poor little weed can't have at least a little acceptance, it might just grow up to be a stinker of a thistle bush and be a complete pain. ~_*

      Isn't he! :D LOL. It was easy. He had just eaten... I kinda stole him from Noni too... I felt bad, but good too. LOL {Sorry, Noni... :D} I am definitely amazing. ~_* Hehehehe....

  2. That is so beautiful! hat feeling you have is a gift from God, that's what my mom old me before when I felt that way. enjoy it! ;)


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