Friday, June 21, 2013

Stripes, dots, and...water?

I did another drawing this week!! As I admitted to Jonnah, I finally broke down and purchased REAL artwork paper.

Seriously, I can't believe I didn't do this sooner....

During the summer, my pups get a pool. I don't, but they do {not fair, at all}... They love it. I'm jealous. ~_*
Couldn't resist. Just too cute...
Theys soooo happy..... :D
Yes, they would, if they were close enough to hear. I pity them. Because they are not.
Absolute-tootingly true.
 I do this, LOL!
I'm in the mood for a laugh.
pretty much
And that's how I like it. ~_*
I LOVE this. Immensely...
And writing epic novels...
Never happens. MmHmm....
lol!!! :) this reminds me of a friend!!!
Totally have a friend who'd do this and pull it off in style...
Well.... ~_*
I died laughing. Really. I had to resurrect.
Tomorrow I am going to the lake for the first time since I have lived in Missouri!!! We actually have LOTS of lakes, but this is the most commonly visited. I've been to one other one {I'm not sure the name, Truman, I think}. But, anyhow, I'm going with one of my great friends and my two sis's and it's going to spectacularly fun!!! Yeps. So, anyhow, hopefully there'll be lots and lots of pics from that.
P.S. This was supposed to post yesterday, but blogger had a bug and wouldn't, so my next post will be right away {hopefully} with all our adventure pics!!! :D


  1. I love your pictures. So true.
    Have fun at the lake!

  2. What a gorgeous picture! Isn't it amazing how nice real sketching paper feels? There's something about the texture...

    Aw, your pups have gotten so big! Time is crazy fast, isn't it?

    1. Thank you!!! YES! It is amAzing!!!

      Yes...they have... two of them aren't even "pups" anymore.. :(

  3. :D Which lake are you going to? Bull Shoals? That is my favorite. :-) It has a lot of sentimental value for me. :)

    1. Stockton. I've never been there!!! In fact, I've only been to one other lake before {thus my enthusiasm}. But I digress. I stated that before. LOL. And I did find out that it was Truman Lake. ;)

  4. Bahaha!! You had to "resurrect"...hehehe. By the way, that drawing is amazing. Of course. And I'm pretty sure our neighbours don't thank us for all the "good" music they listen to. Hmph. Who doesn't love The Black Pearl pounded out full volume from the piano all hours of the day? Music. is. awesome.

    1. I sure did. Dug out of my own grave. LOL... ~_*

      Thank you! Haha. Hardly.

      I would!!! For sure! Specially at 4 in the morning {something abouts what you'd be pounding when I'm here, I think...}.


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