Sunday, June 16, 2013

Where would I be without you?

Well, I wouldn't be. At all.

Without my father, that is.

Without this crazy, funny, Godly, amazing man I get to call Daddy.

I could rave about him all day. But I know you all think you have the perfect father too {I'll let you live on in delusions. It's not worth trying to straighten you out and make you all disappointed.} So, instead, I will leave you with this picture.

It says all I need to.



I'm sincerely wondering if you are going to comment. Given you just read that blog post (or maybe skim read, at best, or maybe you've just skipped to the bottom). But, either way, whether you read it or not, NOW you have no doubt that I am crazy, are wondering if I am worthy of your time, and if it even matters that you say something. BUT, it does!!! Drop me a line! Can't tell you I will always respond coherently, but I WILL respond! And the comments... Well, they rather make my days. <3