Saturday, June 8, 2013

sometimes life goes crazy

Phew.... there are times when everything around you just seems like a whirlwind.

The last few weeks of May was one of those times. It was fantastic.

We had one of our amazing v-ball parties.

We had a TON of people out, but these kiddo's stuck around for most of it.
Kaylea, me, Keaton, Micah, Greg, Pickle {my pup}, Joe, Abrienne, Lydia, Becca, Brisa, Heather

After a few more peeps left, just Joe, Micah, Lydia, and Becca stayed for the campfire.

Sorry all these pics are so blurry. My iphone hates the dark... :P
Eating marshmallows and chilling....
Being a goof... :P ~_*

That Saturday, one of my friends got married!!!! It was one of the most beautiful wedding I have ever been to.

 Joe and Pippa. Again, it was dark inside, so the camera took terrible pics... :'(

My sister Brisa and friend Elizabeth
Ashton and I
Joanna and I

Then on Tuesday, I went to visit Noni!!! I had so much fun chatting with her and playing with her little nephew, Asa.

{Picture coming. ~_*} 

Thursday I went to SDC {Silver Dollar City} with a huge group of AWESOME friends!!! Here are some pics from that {taken by one of my friends, Lacey}.

Duncan, my AMAZING friend Grace, and me, on the new roller coaster, Outlaw Run...
This bluegrass band was really good!!!
Duncan, me, Grace, and Daniel in line for Powder Keg {another roller coaster}
Becca and I
Another one of my best friends, Lydia, and her brother, Philip. Becca is almost their sister
The WHOLE group. {Back row to front}
Hannah, Jerusha, Leah, me, Becca, Lydia, Jonnah, Lacey, Noni, Rachel, Ariel, Emilee, Sydney
Micah B, Joe, Micah M, Nate, Shannon, Philip, John, Nathanael, Thayne, Daniel P, Daniel B, Samuel
Ethan, Benjamin, Timmy
Then, like topping on the cake, Saturday was my awesome friend Rachel's graduation!!!!
{Pictures from her blog post HERE}

I played with this little guy, Rachel's youngest sibling, most of the day. He is a goof!!! :D I did not edit those eyes...they just...came out that way. LOL. It's rather perfect.

Then I did this with my sisters, just for fun...

Photo: Well, I guess it's time you all know how they normally dress! ;-)
Took this amazing pic of the sunset on the way home from that little excursion...

Took this at work...

Rootbeer float.... YUM.

And yesterday, I took my sister out as a thank you for finishing the last few days of my forest work with me. We picked up our mutual good friend Lydia and hung out pretty much all day... :D

Yesterday was National Donut Day.... MmmMmmm.....

We went and saw the new animated movie, Epic. It was loads of fun!!!!!!

Today, my voice student has a recital. I will be playing piano for her... :P

After that, I am heading to some friends house to hang out and play vball, and then we usually start a bon fire, pray, and sing. It is epic.



  1. YES sometimes life is so incredibly crazy but at the sametime, its incredibly beautiful. Don't you think?

  2. 1. Pickle is getting so big!!!

    2. I should go to more of your parties. :p

    3. That picture of Ethan is like the cutest thing ever!!! <3 <3

    4. Did Brisa cut her hair?

    1. 1. I know, it's crazy!!

      2. Yes. Yes, you should. ^_^

      3. Isn't it!!! I luv it.

      4. Yep!!!! It's super adorable.

  3. You are staying busy!! Oh, and I LOVE the picture of you three dressed up funny!
    Side note-I know the guy in blue in the background of the second picture from the wedding:)

    1. That's for sure!!! I'm sooooooo glad you are back now! You can join in the fun!!!
      Oh! Nice!!! I don't. ;) LOL...

  4. AW! Looks like you've been having a super awesome time. That pic of you and your sisters dressed up goofily? Yep. You guys are just awesome.

    1. Definitely!!! Been quite awesome!!! :D Hehehehehe.... Thanks!!!! We are. ~_* {Hehe}


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