Monday, May 28, 2012

The sun has set...

So, it was unexpected.
It was not planned.
But it was still good.
I don't have any pics from today, but all in all, I had fun.
We had been going to go to Bass Pro and the mall, but those schemes dissipated into nothing.
So instead:
This morning the girls made a movie. I was their cinematographer, lol! It is a tease on environmentalists....
After that we swam and swam and swam in our pool.
We had a fantabulous lunch.
Then swam some more.
In the afternoon I chatted on fb and played Words With Friends with Rachel and a couple other friends.
I helped make supper after that and we ate a scrumptious dinner.
Then we went out and swam...again.
Daddy and I played single volleyball which is fun!!!!!
Then we fixed the hoses to the garden. They were FULL of holes.
Ok, this sounds boring, but it wasn't.
Anyway, tomorrow I will try to post pics of some of the drawings I have been doing lately. I haven't at all on here and a LONG time for fb.

It's a floating kitty!!!!

~ Caitria


  1. That is a lot of swimming!! Sounds like you had fun though! <3

  2. LOL, it was. And I didn't even swim as much as the girls!!!!! But it was super-uber fun!!!!! :D You guys should come swim with us soon if you can't make it Saturday!!! <3

  3. Oh... Tha twould be fun! I do hope we can make it Saturday though! <3


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