Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Reflections of the last leg...

I ofttimes feel like I am simply the third wheel. As a child, I was always ignored by the other girls and made to feel inferior, unimportant, and ridiculous. Most of the time, I pretended I didn't feel the pain that whelmed up in me at their disregard. But I did, and it devoured me alive. There at last came a time when I could pretend no more.

I cried out to God to help me. I plead with him for someone to love me, someone to desire my friendship, someone to tell me that they cared, that they wanted me. Then His answer returned. And left me wordless.
I already had someone like that.
And His name was Jesus.
He not only loved me, but He had sacrificed His life for me. He not only cared for me, but He had created me. He not only wanted me to know I was important, but He had planned a purpose for me from the beginning.
I was shocked. I was stunned. For a long while, I was unable to understand the ramifications of this discovery. But at long last, they sunk in and lodged permanently inside.
I never have to feel alone because He is always at my side. And He is the best friend I will ever have.
So I can tell you, my happiness is no facade. It is not a charade, a pretense designed to deceive you or an impression put on to make me look content. It is real. It is complete. It is perfect.
So, though a lot of times I still feel like to my earthly friends I am on the back burner, I know in one person's life I am irreplaceable. And that is enough. He has finally blessed me with a few friends who truly love me. And I am thrilled with them!!! <3
So, next time YOU feel overlooked, misused, or hurt by your "friends", remember, you don't have to be. There is someone who loves you immeasurably and will never let you go.

So that was my heavy thoughts for the day. I am overjoyed because the sunshine has come back. I pray it will be warm again today. I missed it the last two days. Last night, Mommy left the windows open and in the morning Daddy found a cat in the house. LOL, woops. I will post pics of our kittens on here sometime. They are bigheaded and adorable. (And when I say bigheaded, I mean BIGheaded, :D.)
I have to head over to work soon. Summer had her puppies Monday. They are beyond cute. So very tiny and precious. If I ever find the time, I WILL put pics on here of her and Skye's litters... But not now. I must get ready to leave. :D
So long and fare thee well!!! Have a glorious day and make it something electrifyingly thrilling!

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