Saturday, May 19, 2012

Best last day EVER!!!

So I am so happy right now I think I could dance on a fountain of water. (You know, like in the little kiddie movies, :D.) Yesterday was more than fantabulous!!! It was super-duper incredibly fantastic! Aside from having to wear my sunglasses, :P, everything was marvelous...extraordinary...stupendous...and I just feel like using REALLY big words right now.
Singing went great. We had Bel Canto auditions in Concert Choir, which was sad, because I am not going to be in it next year so I didn't get to help...
Then after helping teach Mezzo's, I played soccer for three hours!!!!!!
And later Abrienne and I went bowling with an amazingly awesome group of friends. And to Starbucks after that (thought Braums would have been better Rachel. :D jk, it was great.)
All in all, it was one of the best days I've had in a LONG time. We laughed our eyes out at Starbucks and I got my first strike bowling. Hmm, maybe I shouldn't be making that public, but oh well. LOL!
I love my friends. They are so spectacular.
Today I spent the whole day with Grace for her birthday (last week). That was WONDERFUL too!!! She was bowling too. I love her to death. Wellllll, not quite death. I think she's still breathing.
I don't have any pics, which is sad. I would have wanted some of both days, but I forgot my cam...both days.
Anyway, I must go clean my house within an inch of my life (yes, my) and I will see yous all Tuesday!!!!

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